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    3. Welcome to--Dufoni Engineering Mechanical (Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.

        ABOUT US

        DFN mainly engaged in Plastic Injection Mould Making and Spray Coating on metal surface. We started in 2009 named Cheerio Mold & Component. And changed name to DFN in 2017. 

        We are good at 2K, 3K even 4K injection moulds. We have  good tooling machinings and experienced employees. The mold size up to 20T.
             Our automatic spraying line length is 330 meters. There are two spray Booths in the line, One manual and one automatic. The spray guns are Gema. The product size is up tp 3m*1.5m*0.6m.

        Mold Division

        Spraying Division


        EDM makes wire cutting technology improved

        EDM makes wire cutting technology improved

        EDM machines, also known as CNC EDMs, EDMs, EDMs, etc., are electr…

        ? 2017 Dufoni Engineering Mechanical (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.